About Green Bay Trout Unlimited

Chapter #083: In Service to the Cold Water Resource since 1969

We conserve, protect and restore North America’s cold water fisheries and watersheds.

Our chapter’s challenge and promise:

“Take care of the fish and the fishing will take care of itself”

Who we are

Green Bay Trout Unlimited (GBTU) is a local chapter of our National organization. We have ~250 members and were founded as Chapter #083 in 1969. We are part of the Wisconsin State Councils’ 21 chapters and 4,300 members. Trout Unlimited (TU) National, our umbrella organization, was founded in 1959 and consists of over 400 Chapters and 140,000 members across the nation. All are committed to conserving, protecting, restoring and connecting people with our coldwater fisheries and watersheds.  We concentrate on physical stream reclamation and restoration projects, public water access and educating others about our area’s natural resources. Our primary responsibility area covers Brown and adjacent counties – mostly in the Oconto river water shed.

We hold our monthly meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month from September to May.  Please see our calendar or home page for specifics.  Our monthly meetings programs are educational which include learning more about conservation, fish habit status, cold water legislation.  During these meetings we hammer out the best utilization of our funds and member efforts.

Please consider joining us in the chapters’ activities like summer stream work projects, Kids Fishing Day at the Izaak Walton League ponds in collabaration with the PALs brochure, meetings and fundraising.  Without volunteer man-hours, we would cease to exist.

Our annual events also include our picnic in mid-June, GBTU Fishing Trip in late-June, Awards Dinner in December and our Fundraising Banquet in February – earned reputation of one of the best around including games, raffles, auctions, and prizes.

Attending the summer work projects is a great way to meet other members and give back to the cold water resource we enjoy. Hard work? Yes it is.  Well worth our effort? Yes it is.

Board of Directors

Staush Gruszynski – President

Member since 2012

Staush is the Political Director with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (WLCV), working with conservation organizations to pass legislation protecting cold water resources. Growing up fishing in Marinette County, he continues to enjoy angling across the Midwest.

Staush joined Trout Unlimited to ensure that future generations have the same outdoor experience he was lucky enough to enjoy as a child and now as an adult.

Doug Seidl – Vice President

Doug Seidl Thumbnail

Member since 2004

Doug started trout fishing over 50 years ago & hasn’t looked back.  The natural beauty of the cold water streams are very important to him, which makes Doug compelled to preserve them for future generations.

Cold water stream improvements are one of the main reasons he joined GBTU.  “This is a great organization to get involved with to protect these resources.   GBTU members share experiences, fly tying, take a child fishing, trout planting, fish stories, etc”.

Jeff Gross – Treasurer

Jeff Gross thumbnail

Member since 2010

Although active in the outdoors since a child, Jeff began trout fishing on small brook trout streams in the Nicolet National Forest about 10 years ago.

The chance of being on a cold and peaceful trout stream is an experience Jeff would like to preserve for others.

He really enjoys getting his hands involved with trout stream habitat improvements, hoping to make positive a difference for future generations.

John Deuchert – Secretary

John Deuchert thumbnail

Member since 2010

John’s first impression of the Green Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited (GBTU) was when he attended a Chapter work project on the 1st South Branch of the Oconto River way back in 2000.

At that first Habitat Improvement project, he witnessed the dedication and passion that motivates volunteers in enhancing Wisconsin’s cold water resources.

Right then and there, John knew Trout Unlimited was an organization that he must become actively involved with.

Rivers Flowing Through Our Lives

Connecting Communities and Watersheds consists of four interrelated parts: Protect, Reconnect, Restore, and Sustain.

Protect: Intact watersheds are working as nature intended. Often, the best way to help a place is to leave it alone. We advocate for responsible land and water use with lasting protection of trout habitat.

Reconnect: Free flowing, unobstructed river systems and their healthy watersheds benefit trout and people. Allowing fish to migrate for comfort and safety throughout a watershed greatly increases survival. Clean water and healthy ecosystems benefit everyone connected to our rivers.

Restore: The only way to give fish a chance is to reclaim land that is degraded through poor development practices and habitat compromising natural events. Our chapter is committed to raise funds, roll up our sleeves, and get wet restoring habitat.

Sustain: Our work to protect, reconnect and restore will last into the future if we inspire others to continue our work. We’re motivated to educate the public and children about the benefits of clean water, healthy communities, and their own well-being though outdoor activities.

The scale of our work continues to expand, but our focus remains the protection of wild and native fish. Together, we are working to ensure that our favorite streams and rivers will still be there: cold, clean and fishable, for the next generation.