2014-Aug-1 Evergreen Fishing Trip

Peyton showing off his catch

Evergreen River Fishing Trip

Evergreen River Trip Posse

Evergreen River Trip Posse

As the temperature of the Wolf River rises, the trout move into the colder tributaries. One of the main ones is the Evergreen River (Creek) in Langlade County; which we worked on 2 years ago.

On the Evergreen there is ~3 mile stretch of stream where the brush was cut back (2 years ago as well), the channel was deepened and log/ woody structures were added. We figured it would be interesting to try fishing a place we helped improve.

Typically you are supposed to wait 5 years before evaluating a project’s success or lack-there-of.  Given we have a group of anxious anglers, we figured to give it an early evaluation.

On Friday August 1st, Lee Meyers, Jonathan Pyatskowit, Jack Koivisto, Doug Seidl, Jeff House, Tom Steffel, Adrian and Payton Meseberg got together to fish the Evergreen River in Langlade County.

Doug Seidl casts into nice pool

Doug Seidl casts into nice pool

Because it is a semi-narrow river and there were 8 of us, we decided it would be best to spread out. Four guys headed down the river, two got in straight ahead, and two walked up. We started at ~8:30a and planned on meeting back at ~11:30a (although one of us forgot his phone and ended up 45 minutes late…Adrian!).

In the end we combined for ~2 dozen trout. It was an even mix between brooks and browns. The biggest fish of the day was caught by our youngest participant; Payton Meseberg, who landed a ~12 inch brook trout. A brown trout estimated between 14 and 16 inches was seen through the clear water just behind a lure, but when it struck, it came up short.

Afterward the group went to the Wild Wolf Inn for some well-deserved lunch. It was a good meal and a chance to talk about our experience.

Thanks to everyone who came, and looking forward to the next one.  Please check out the Photo Gallery of the trip.