2014-May-17 Trout Trail Cleanup

Bill Holton cleaning educational signs

NEW Zoo Trout Trail Cleanup

Doug Seidl fixing fence posts along trail

Doug Seidl fixing fence posts along trail

On May 17th, 2014, Green Bay Trout Unlimited (GBTU) members embarked on the first work project of the year.

Due to the wet spring, we couldn’t do our normal type of summer work project which typically consists of improving the trout habit in one of the upper tributaries in the Oconto water shed.

Instead, we focused our efforts on giving the North East Wisconsin (NEW) Zoo education trout trail, which has many mock-ups, signage and displays, some much needed maintenance after 20 years on the job.

At around 8:30am, after a hearty breakfast at the Deerfield Diner, we gathered at the west parking lot of the NEW Zoo.  The next 4-5 hours were spent cleaning the 14 signs, trout habitat mock-ups, fence and the trail itself.

The signs were taken apart, cleaned and put back together. Leaves were raked and blown off the displays.  Scrub brush was also raked up and weed wacked back. Several of the cage enclosures needed extra time in removing the piled up leaves and twisted vines. We also repaired the half log display, spruced up the brush bundles and straighten posts in the split-rail fence.

Rick cleaning bronze trout mockup

Rick cleaning bronze trout mockup

Thanks the effort of Pat Hill who focused on the half-log, Mike Renish who weed whacked everything within reach, Richard Baken for his work on the leaf blower, Doug Seidl who worked on the half-log, Bill Holton who was the cleaning meister restoring the signs to almost new, Jack Koivisto who was out in front of Bill disassembling signs and project lead Lee Meyers.

As a reminder, our work projects are the 3rd Saturday of every month from May – August.

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Please click on the Google Map to get directions to the NEW Zoo Educational Trout Trail.