2018 Work Schedule

Eagle Creek work project crew

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Green Bay Trout Unlimited 2018 Work Project Schedule

This year we are holding schedule and there are no cancellations for any reasons other than lightning.

If we have high water, then we’ll work outside the stream on paths which are always helpful and improve safety for all anglers.

Please download, print, sign and return the 2018 Personal Injury Consent Form to Doug Seidl as soon as possible. Getting this signed and returned to Doug helps facilitate the work day. Thank you.

For all the work projects, we’ll start congregating at the usual 8am time at the congregation area Most of the time, that is just adjacent to the work project section. 

The project lead will brief us on what we are to accomplish and split us into sub-teams.  We will work a 1/2 day which means until about 1pm.

All details of each work project are on that specific date on the GBTU Calendar.  All updates are found in the description within the calendar.

We are moving all updates to the Google calendar because it’s easier to update than the website.

Green Bay Trout Unlimited projects for 2018 are:

  • May 19th (SBO led by Kyle Siebers)
  • June 16th (Evergreen led by Becca Milligan)
  • July 21st (NBO led by Tom Moris)
  • August 18th (Eagle Creek led by Kyle Siebers)

Go to http://greenbaytu.org/calendar/ ,find the date you are interested in and click on description to get all the details.  The GBTU calendar is where the details will get posted from here forward.