June 11th Fishing Trip

Peyton showing off his catch

The Fishing Trip Committee is pleased to announce the first fishing trip of the year centered from Wautoma.  Please join us for a day of fishing, fun, and fellowship.

All those who are interested in taking the 90 minute drive from Green Bay to the Wautoma area, please register your interest by June 4th with Matt Norem – Fishing Trip Committee Chair.  He would like to get an accurate head count to ensure we are planning the best possible experience and to organize car pools.

You can contact Matt at 920-360-6032 or email him at mattnorem@yahoo.com.

There are two awards up for grabs:

  1.   GBTU June 2016 Trout Outing – Largest Trout Caught
  2.   GBTU June 2016 Trout Outing – Good Sport Award

To qualify for the awards, you need to have registered by June 4th at 5pm.

The Largest Trout Caught award is based on a date stamped picture and some ‘verified’ measurement whilst the Good Sport Award will get judged by attendee nomination and voting (loudest applause) on best story.

We are meeting at the parking lot of the Lakeshore Family Restaurant at ~7:30am to take a final count of folks.  At that time, we will develop a game plan to point folks to certain access areas and then assign more experienced stream fishermen with those that are not so experienced.

The Lakeshore Family Restaurant is located just east of Wautoma proper on State Highway 21.  CLICK HERE for google map.

For LUNCH, we are again meeting back at Lakeshore Family Restaurant at ~2pm.  The restaurant is located just east of Wautoma proper on State Highway 21.  CLICK HERE for google map.

The fishing starts as early as each car pool wants and ends the same way.

There are five State Fishery Maps you will want to PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT.

Lastly, you can check out the new ‘ Trout Tool ‘ on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s (WDNR) website by CLICKING HERE.