Pulaski Trout In Classroom

Brook Trout Life Cycle
Eggs already have eyes peeking out

Eggs already have eyes peeking out

On Friday November 20th, Pulaski High School welcomed ~250 new friends.

Unlike the current student population, these guys had fins and gills.

The Green Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited (GBTU) and the Oconto Chapter of Trout Unlimited teamed up to bring Trout in the Classroom (TIC), a widely popular trout unlimited project, to Pulaski.

TIC gives students the opportunity to witness the life cycle of the trout.  This may be better summed up by the Trout Unlimited National website which says (for the clarification “SIC” stands for Salmon in the Classsroom)…

“Because TIC brings nature into the classroom, it allows students to develop a personal bond and sense of conservation ethics that are at the core of TU’s mission.

Young anglers better understand the value of their local fisheries when they have seen the trout life cycle up close and personal in this way.

For this reason, TU staff and volunteers in 35 states are involved in more than 1,500 TIC and SIC projects, which is a large fraction of the 4,000+ TIC and SIC projects in the United States.”  – Trout Unlimited National Website, www.tu.org .”

Thanks again to the Oconto Chapter for their efforts in organizing this project !

Trout In the Classroom crew picture

Trout In the Classroom crew picture

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For more information on Trout In the Classroom, please check out Trout Unlimited’s Devoted Website to the Educational Event.