Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation ( CAFO )

Cows packed in tight (CAFO)

Cows packed into tight spaces

Each Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation ( CAFO ) has the potential of polluting our ground water in a huge way.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ( WDNR ) each CAFO is defined as any farm with 1000 or more animal units, or any farm with less than 1000 animal units whose pollutant discharges affect ground or navigable waters.

Wisconsin is currently home to more than 250 CAFOs.  Check out the Wisconsin CAFO Map.

Three major freshwater related concerns surround each CAFO which include:

  • Disposing of the millions of gallons of animal waste slurry
  • Incredibly huge draw on water tables for crop irrigation and animal watering
  • Fertilizer, pesticide and cow manure runoff

Please read more about GBTU’s CAFO position paper.

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