June 18th, 2016 WPR

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DJ Lokin does the cutting while Doug Seidl, Johnathan Pyatsicowit and Ron Glenzer help

June 18th, 2016 WPR

The June 18th, 2016 Work Project Report ( WPR ) includes three TUs and the WDNR brushing the 1st south branch of Oconto.

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Lake Management Challenges

The WDNR is holding several public meetings to discuss the future management of Lake Michigan trout and salmon, including a proposed 61.5% reduction in chinook stocking in 2017.

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GBTU Picnic Recap

Read about the 2016 Green Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited (GBTU) 's picnic on Thursday, June 2nd.

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Peyton showing off his catch

June 11th Fishing Trip

The Fishing Trip Committee is pleased to announce the first fishing trip of the year centered from Wautoma. Please join us for a day of fishing, fun, and fellowship.

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May 21st, 2016 brushing crew

May 21st, 2016 WPR

Our May21st, 2016 Work Project Report ( WPR ) has GBTU, MTU, WRTU and the WDRN brushing the south branch of the Oconto River.

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Beavers and Trout

In response to a recent article regarding beaver and trout GBTU's own, Lee Meyers was recently published in the National TROUT Magazine.

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GB Brown Trout Stocking

Bay Brown Stocking

A new approach to stocking brown trout in the Bay of Green Bay appears to be working.

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High Capacity Well

HCW Drain Waters

Solving the issues of High Capacity Well ( HCW ) use in Wisconsin is complex.

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GBTU Facebook Page

‘Like’ us on Facebook

As we try to keep posting relevant articles on Trout Unlimited at the local, state and national level, along with interesting conservation minded reads, we are using two platforms in this website and Facebook.

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2015-16 GBTU Award Winners

Annual / Awards Meeting Recap

On Thursday, April 7th Green Bay Trout Unlimited held our Annual Meeting (with Awards). We summarized an eventful season and recognized our 2015-16 award winners.

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GB SW AgriScience teacher Mr. Sebranek (third from left) with GBTU's Gary Gillis, Mike Renish and Adrian Meseberg (from left)

Fly-Tying with GB Southwest H.S.

For four days in late March-early April, GBTU volunteers helped Green Bay Southwest High School teacher Tom Sebranek and his class learn the art of fly-tying.

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Call to Action

2016 Conservation Spring Hearing

On Monday, April 11th, at 7:00 pm, the annual statewide Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Conservation Congress will hold their annual meeting.

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