Aug 20th, 2016 WPR

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Ninemile Creek brushing crew picture

Aug 20th, 2016 WPR

Our August 20th, 2016 Work Project Recap ( WPR ) included GBTU, WRTU, ORTU, MTU and the WDNR busting chops on Ninemile Creek.

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North Branch Oconto Trout Habitat Crew picture

July 16th, 2016 WPR

The July 16th, 2016 Work Project Report ( WPR ) includes GBTU, ORTU, NTU, WDNR and the USFS working on the North Branch of the Oconto River.

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Most of the crew is feasting after hard days work

July 18th, 2015 WPR

This Work Project Report ( WPR ) details the activites on July 18th where TU and the Nicolet Sportsman Club worked the N. Br. of Oconto.

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Brushing crew taking a needed break in sweltering heat

Brushing N. Br. Oconto July 17th

Our 3rd work project of the summer was on the upper North Branch Oconto River which is a continuation of prior year’s work. We now have improved about ¾ miles of stream channel at this location.

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Nine Mile Work Project Crew

3rd Work Project July 17th & 18th

Green Bay Trout Unlimited is gearing up for our 3rd work project this year that will occur on the North Branch of the Oconto, near Wabeno, on July 17th and 18th.

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The crew that made this all happen

Brushing on S. Br. Oconto June 20th

We completed our second work project, clearing tag Alders and brush bundling on the South Branch of the Oconto June 20th, with only a light rain falling toward the end the morning.

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Brush bundling crew on North Branch Oconto

2014-Jul-19 North Branch Oconto

Our 3rd work project of the summer on July 19th, 2014 was on the upper North Branch Oconto River where we bundled brush, narrowed channels and reconstructed banks. This 500 foot section that we improved was upstream of prior years work.

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Pat Hill going 4-wheeling

2014-Jun-21 Spring Creek

On June 21st, Green Bay Trout Unlimited's 2nd work project of the year was on Spring Creek feeding the Wolf. Three TU Chapters and the WDNR worked Saturday morning on improvements.

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2013-Aug-17 Ninemile Creek

On August 17th, over 35 Trout Unlimited members converged on Ninemile Creek, a tributary of the Wolf River, to clear heavy cover of tag Alders, bundle that brush, and place those bundles to narrow stream channel, increase flow and scour channel itself.

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Pat Hill anchors the shovel crew

2013-Jul-20 N. Branch Oconto

On July 20th, 15 workers ventured to the upper North Branch of the Oconto River to continue work from two years prior with Tom Moris of the U.S. Forest Service. Brush bundles and woody trout covers were installed.

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