2015 GBTU Annual Meeting Results

On Thursday, May 7th (6:30pm) Green Bay Trout Unlimited held it’s 2015 Annual Meeting.  There were a lot of important votes at the meeting including…passing a working budget, a rewrite of the chapter bylaws, the election of chapter leaders and the creation of a new committee/chair.

At a business meeting on April 16th chapter leaders spent several minutes going line-by-line in an effort to figure the best way to allocate our dollars.  It was now up to membership to vote on whether or not to approve the suggested spending.  Membership voted unanimously to in approval.

Next was a vote on a possible change to the chapter bylaws.  The proposal was to increase the the cap on Board of Directors from 9 to 11.  The vote passed.  The new language is as follows…

Article IV: Section 2

The BOD shall consist of a minimum of 6, and maximum of 11, members which includes the officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) pursuant to Article V, Section 1.

After this the chapter filled the open leadership seats (as well as adding two extra BOD seats).  The newly elected chapter representatives are listed below…

State Council Delegate (1 year term)

Paul Kruse

Brown County Conservation Alliance (1 year term)

Bruce Deuchert

Janet Smith

Staush Gruszynski

Non-Officer Board of Directors (3 year term)

Staush Gruszynski

Paul Kruse

Matt Norem

Officers (2 year term)

President – Adrian Meseberg

Vice President – Lee Meyers

Treasurer – Jeff House

Secretary – John Deuchert

A huge “THANK YOU” went out to Pat Hill for his many years as a BOD member for the Green Bay chapter.

Paul Kruse then asked to be chair of a Green Bay Chapter Project Healing Waters effort.  This was granted and a list was passed around so chapter members interested in helping could sign.  If you have any questions about this endeavor and how to help please contact Paul at (920) 639-2361 or email him at [email protected].

If you have any other questions please call Adrian Meseberg (GBTU President) at (920) 562-6129 or email at [email protected]

Thank you for your time, care and commitment to the resource!

Adrian Meseberg
President, Green Bay Trout Unlimited
(920) 562-6129
[email protected]