GBTU Board, Leaders and More

On April 4th GBTU held our Annual Meeting. As part of the this meeting we filled our open leadership positions.

First we addressed the officer positions. We had openings for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. According to our by-laws officers serve 2-year terms. Adrian Meseberg was elected to serve as president, Doug Seidl was elected to serve as Vice-Presdent, Jeff Gross was elected as Treasurer and John Duechert was elected as Secretary.

Next we had to take care of 2 open Board of Director seats. Board seats are 3-year terms. Gary Stoycoff was elected for the first open seat. The second is a seat designated in our by-laws for our last eligible past president. This would have went to Staush Gruzynski. However Staush is serving as an Assemblyman in Madison. Therefore Randy Rake would be next in line. Randy gracelessly agreed to fill the role.

The final group of open seats we had to fill included Brown County Conservation Alliance (BCCA – 3 positions), State Council Representative and any open chairs (by presidental appointment). The BCCA alliance positions went to Bruce Duechert, Janet Smith and Carla Zimmerman-Jenks (1-year terms). The State Council Representative seat was filled by Melis Arik (1-year term). Casey Hicks of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ agreed to hold the leadership position of legislative chair.

Below is the current GBTU BOD, leaders and more (term expiration year in parenthesis).

Officers (2-year terms):

  • President – Adrian Meseberg (2021)
  • Vice-President – Doug Seidl (2021)
  • Treasurer – Jeff Gross (2021)
  • Secretary – John Duechert (2021)

Board of Directors (3-year terms):

  • Jose Diaz (2020) – Membership Chair
  • Dave Ostanek (2020) – Education Chair
  • Carla Zimmerman (2021) – Banquet Chair
  • Wally Heil (2021)
  • John Tilleman (2021)
  • Gary Stoychoff (2022)
  • Randy Rake (NA) – Past President

Other Leaders:

  • Melis Arik (2020) – State Council Representative
  • Bruce Duechert (2020) – Brown County Conservation Alliance
  • Janet Smith (2020) – Brown County Conservation Alliance
  • Carla Zimmerman-Jenks – Brown County Conservation Alliance
  • Paul Kruse – Work Project Coordinator
  • Gary Gillis – Veteran Service Partnership Chair
  • Casey Hicks – Legislative Chair

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of these leaders ! Without all of you we would not be able to accomplish all the amazing things we do.