Program #4 – Spey Fishing

On Thursday, February 4th Green Bay Trout Unlimited’s fourth guest speaker of the meeting season is Tim Pantzlaff, owner of the SpeyCo company.

Wikapedia describes Spey casting as…

“A casting technique used in fly fishing. Spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a Spey rod.[1] Spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting.”

“Spey casting is used for fishing large rivers for salmon and large trout such as steelhead and sea trout. Spey technique is also used in saltwater surf casting. All of these situations require the angler to cast larger flies long distances. The two-handed Spey technique allows more powerful casts and avoids obstacles on the shore by keeping most of the line in front of the angler.”

In other words Spey fishing  is a very unique and exciting style of fishing, one that many of us have not experienced.

Furthermore, Tim’s hand-crafted, one of a kind Spey reels are famous world-wide.  He has fans from Wisconsin to Europe and throughout the globe.

Tim is planning on bringing reels and more for us to see.  Not only is this American made…this is Wisconsin made (even better yet…GREEN BAY MADE !)

On a personal note…I was Kewaunee River salmon fishing recently when two representatives from the Orvis Company approached me.  During our conversation, in which they were inquiring as to my river salmon fishing methods, they asked if I knew of SpeyCo.  Just goes to show Tim’s products and style go well beyond Green Bay.

To visit the SpeyCo website CLICK THIS LINK.

Green Bay Trout Unlimited program meetings are at Townline Pub and Grill (CLICK HERE for map) and start at 6:30p.

Our meetings include free food, drinks, door prizes and like-minded individuals.

Thank you for everything you do to benefit the coldwater resources of Wisconsin.