June 19 – Work Project Summary and Pictures

Green Bay Trout Unlimited held our third work project of 2021 on Beaver Creek (according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR) Beaver Creek has nearly 10 miles of class 1 trout water and another 1+ miles of class 2).

For this work day volunteers, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource (WIDNR) staff, met on public land just outside the small town of Beaver (to the West). We park off of 25th road. This part of public access is a pretty decent walk from the creek. The goal for this project was to improve access. In order to do this we shoveled mulch into wheel barrows and large plastic totes, then we hauled, and spread, it onto foot paths. We also were able to “break in” the new chapter chainsaws by removing small trees and brushes obstructing the trail. Some of the stretches had very muddy areas where wood planks were built. This way anglers could easily follow the new path, through the woods and mud, to more easily reach the water. This was done after splitting into two separate groups.

Approximately 17 volunteers and DNR staff made the day a success. They included; Jonathan Pyatskowit (WIDNR), Sam Meleski (WIDNR), Brent Ritter (WIDNR), GBTU’s Chad Neta, Mike Reeb, David Reeb, Adrian Meseberg, Dennis Gusick, Pat Hill, Doug Seidl, Mark Winkel, Jeff House, John Tilleman and Paul Kruse. Jonathan Pyatskowit’s two sons also joined the party. My apologizes to anyone I may have missed.

A huge thanks goes to everyone involved. It is because of all you, anglers can enjoy easy access to a serene day on the water.


Check out the story in pictures below…

Work project signs points the way to the meeting area
GBTU work project trailer…we must be in the right place
Over the past few months we have been able to fill the trailer with much needed tools and accessories
Volunteers and WIDNR staff are ready for action !
Beaver Creek Fishery Area and Trout Regulation signs (notice the size limits)
Beaver Creek has stretches of great structure for trout habitat
Pat Hill and Brent Ritter forking mulch into wheel barrows to spread throughout the trial
Dennis Gusick dumps a load of mulch while Paul Kruse and Doug Seidl spread it out
Paul Kruse puts one of the new GBTU chainsaws to work
Before picture of trail heading to Beaver Creek (believe me when I say the creek is still a long ways away)
Same stretch of trail after being mulched…a much easier hike !
Second group, further upstream, has their own pile of mulch to spread
John Tilleman drills wood planks into place to help anglers/hikers more easily pass muddy areas
The second group was larger so plastic totes were used to transport mulch along with the wheel barrows
GBTU Work Project Coordinator, Paul Kruse, fires up the new GBTU grill while WIDNR’s Jonathan Pyatskowit looks on
What is a GBTU work project cook out without Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit pickles 🙂
Now to hang out, eat good, laugh and share some fishing stories !
Even some of nature’s smallest creatures can brighten up the day
Some beautiful stream-side flowers
Here’s to a Great Work Day…Thank You to everyone who made it out !!

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