June 5 – Take-a-Kid-Fishing Summary and Pics

The Outagamie County Conservation Club (OCCC) really knows how to put on a Kid’s Fishing Day…and we were proud to be part of it again !

They had to cancel last year due to Covid. Now, after going through this pandemic for 16 months, having a high percentage of vaccinated individuals and the opening of events like this; they were able to bring it back !

This year’s Kid’s Fishing Day had 259 registrants. According to OCCC leader, Gordy Schroeder, this is a new record for the event.

Fishing kicked off at 9a (after Gordy’s countdown). Right away the casting was in full swing. Several fish had tags, and kids who caught a tagged fish were asked to bring them to Gordy (under the big white tent). The first several (I believe it was ten) tagged fish returned to Gordy resulted in $10 each for the lucky kiddos. Throughout the day the OCCC randomly drew kids numbers to receive additional prizes. At the conclusion of the day, trophies were given to the largest fish caught in each of several different categories including bass, crappie, bluegill and trout.

Green Bay Trout Unlimited’s (GBTU) role in the event was to teach fly tying and fly casting. Of course this did not start picking up until after the kids had gotten tired of fishing. Folks started to join us shortly after 9a. We probably taught 25-30 kids these new skills.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Dave Ostanek, Jon Ostanek, Pam Van Erem and Adrian Meseberg for making the day a success !

The sign says it all…we are in the right place !
GBTU Education Chair, Dave Ostanek, and Chapter President, Adrian Meseberg, are setup and ready to go.
Kids are gathered around the pond…ready to catch some fish.
Outagamie Co Conservation Club leader, Gordy Shroeder, checks kids’ fish for tags.
The classic “Wooly Bugger” was one of the two flies we helped tie (the other was the Mickey Finn).
Dave shares his expertise, and the kiddos look very interested.
This girl is pretty good !
Pam is an excellent fly-casting coach !
Young man wrapping material on a wooly bugger.
Nice form !
This kid really took the bull by the horns !
Hopefully these youngsters catch more than a boot with their new set of skills !