November 7, 2019 Program

Northeast Wisconsin holds some of the finest trout water in the Midwest. However, many anglers and stream watchers assume these streams have remained pristine and wild since they were first colonized by brook trout at the end of the last ice age.   Instead, they have a long and complicated natural and human history with periods of extensive degradation and recovery.  And now they face an uncertain future in a warming climate.  This presentation will focus on understanding how the landscape of NE Wisconsin has changed from the ice age until today.  Most importantly, we will look at examples of how past environmental change is preserved in the streams and their watersheds, and why this knowledge is useful in stream restoration and management.

Professor Nelson Ham will share with us how this came to be and what the future may hold.

These are the waters we have helped to improve through work projects, donations and more

Below is a bio on Professor Nelson Ham…

Dr. Nelson Ham is professor of geology and environmental science at St. Norbert College (25 years) and a research associate of the Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey.  He teaches courses in river and groundwater science, landscapes, and ice-age geology. Most of his career has been spent studying the landscapes of northern Wisconsin and modern glacier processes in Alaska.  He is also a lifelong fly angler and spent several years as a smallmouth guide for Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company in De Pere (but he isn’t afraid to use ultralight spinning tackle and the occasional nightcrawler under a float).  

Details of the November meeting are below…


  • Date – Thursday, November 7th
  • Time – 5:30p – BOD meeting / 7p – Guest Speaker
  • LocationTownline Bar and Grill; 2544 Lineville Rd, Suamico WI 54313
  • Details – Professor Nelson Ham, Professor of geology and environmental science at St Norbert College
  • Title“Northeast Wisconsin trout streams: environmental history from the ice age to today”
  • Extras – Free Food, Soda and Door Prizes !

We look forward to seeing you there !

Thank you for all you do for Wisconsin’s coldwater resources !!

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