August 20 – Work Project Summary and Pics

The following work project summary was submitted by GBTU Habitat Coordinator, Paul Kruse…

Our last work project for 2022 saw us on the Wausaukee river were we cleaned up the river and its banks. The crew consisting of 8 TU members  and 3 DNR Habitat Crew personnel which removed numerous tires and junk from in the river. We removed trash from about a 4 -5 block area downstream  from the Evergreen Campground in Wausaukee near the fairgrounds. We also did some fishability brushing in the area of the campground and downstream. The Trout Unlimited members in attendance were as follows: Pat Hill, Jeff House, Harold Becks, Doug Seidl, Jon Ostanek, Wayne Czypinski,Paul Kruse and a new member to the TU crew, Nick Hanson. The crew enjoyed a grilled hamburger lunch after a morning of hauling junk and bucking brush. The DNR personnel included Jonathan Pyatskowit, Brady Bartels, and Joe Fashingbauer. See you in the summer of 2023

Thank you for all you do for the coldwater resources of NE WI !!!