Haller Creek Stocking Report

Stocking Crew Waiting For Fish

The Green Bay chapter of Trout Unlimited (GBTU) has an very nice educational trail running along-side Haller Creek.  The only thing missing is trout … UNTIL NOW.

On Thursday May 5, GBTU members and friends Jeff House, John & Katie Tilleman, Pat Hill, Pat Childs, John Rybski, Wally Heil, Jerry Schwan, Doug Seidl, Bill Holton and Adrian Meseberg joined forces with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ( WDNR ) to make sure this put-and-take fishery had fish.

The day started when members and friends began arriving around 1 pm for some lemonade, chocolate cookies and good conversations.

At ~1:45 the WDNR stocking truck arrived and the next step in the process began.

The fish started their day at the St Croix Falls Fish Hatchery which is nearly 4 hours west of Green Bay.  They were collected into a large fish tank truck and were delivered to the WDNR’s Green Bay service station where they were separated out into smaller trucks for dispersal throughout the region.  The truck that stopped at Haller Creek also had stops to make in Kewaunee and Manitowoc Counties.

As you can imagine, these fish were ready to get out of their metal confides as soon as possible.

With that in mind … our crew sprang into action.

Tom Schlavensky of the WDNR was netting trout into buckets while GBTU members moved them to locations along the creek.

By the time the dust settled between 500 – 600, 8-10 inch brown trout had been stocked all along Haller Creek

A big “THANK YOU” goes to the GBTU volunteers and friends as well as the Wisconsin DNR’s Steve Hogler, Tom Schlavensky and Steve Surendonk.

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