May 18 – Work Project #1 Summary & Pics

The following work day summary was provided by the WI DNR’s Jonathan Pyatskowit:

The TU work day on May 18th was a success.  Six brush bundles were constructed in the N. Br. Pigeon River, on the Doty Creek Fishery area property. The objective of this project was to narrow the stream channel to allow for better sediment transport in this stretch. Historically, streams in this area often had cattle grazed within the stream corridor which was destructive to the stream channel by widening the channel and reducing the stream depth.  Additionally, being in close proximity to Marion pond the stream channel is being affected by water being slowed by the ponding below.  These factors lead to reduced stream velocities and allows sediments to settle out over the gravel substrates.  Brush bundling, narrows the stream and allows a bank to form that improves channel shape and increases sediment transport exposing more of the gravel substrate. This will allow more of this stretch to be conducive to holding adult trout due to increased depths and exposed substrates increase the potential that the trout use these areas to spawn in the fall. DNR will continue to monitor this stream channel and will survey for spawning activity in upcoming falls. Our permit is valid for 5 years and we hope to continue to improve the stream channel within the fishery area.  Once again we thank TU for the assistance and look forward to improving habitat to benefit trout populations.

Below is a list of the volunteers and DNR staff that made the work day a success:

  • Dean Simon – Oconto River TU
  • Joe Fleming – Oconto River TU
  • Wayne Czypinski – Oconto River TU
  • Jim Bereza – Green Bay TU
  • Brent Lavash – Green Bay TU
  • Paul Pinkston – Green Bay TU
  • Paul Kruse – Green Bay TU
  • Brent Ritter – WI DNR
  • Kyle Kossel – WI DNR
  • Bob Hoodie – WI DNR
  • Jonathan Pyatskowit (and son) – WI DNR

Below are work day pictures:

Thank you for all you do for our coldwater resources !!

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