2022-23 Year-in-Review

We did it again…check out our mission accomplishments in 2022-23

Committed Donations:

  • $5900 + $2000 from a WITU Friends Grant – Towards habitat improvement crew and a UTV (WI DNR – Lakewood)
  • $3000 – Towards habitat improvement crew (WI DNR – Antigo)
  • $1000 – Towards habitat improvement crew (TUGLSR)
  • $1500 – To create an angler drive and parking area along the Ounce River (WI DNR – Ashland)
  • Total: $9,900 + $2000 Friends Grant for a grand total of $11,900

Habitat Work:

  • May 21st – Prairie River tree planting
  • June 18th– Beaver Creek angler access
  • July 16th – Haller Creek old sign removal, new sign installation and invasive buckthorn removal/treatment
  • August 21st – Wausaukee River clean-up
  • Total: 4 Habitat Improvement Days – 547 volunteer hours (an average of 7.4 GBTU and 15.8 total volunteers / work day)


  • Maintaining a Conservation Education Trail at the Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Zoo
  • June 4th – Outagamie County Conservation Club Take-a-Kid-Fishing-Day
  • July 13th – Kids’ Fishing Day

Education – Trout-in-the-Classroom (TIC):

  • TIC at Lombardi Middle School (Carla Zimmerman)
  • TIC at Bay View Middle School
  • TIC at Pulaski High School (Kaleb Santy)


  • April 13th – 47th Annual Conservation Banquet


  • Held 6 Board of Director / GBTU Leaders meetings
  • Held several Conservation Banquet Committee meetings
  • Held multiple Trout Educational Trail Committee meetings
  • Hosted 5 guest speakers

Veteran’s Service Programs:

  • Our Veteran’s Service Program met every other Monday throughout the year. Took veteran’s on multiple fishing outings.

Diverse and Active Board of Directors and Leadership Chairs

  • Our Board of Directors and Leadership Positions are gender, race and age diverse.


  • We have a legislative chair who is connected to the state capital and keeps us informed on issues affecting our clean coldwater resources.

Total Volunteer Hours:

  • GBTU efforts contributed a total of 2229 volunteer hours in 2022-23. In April of 2023, Independentsector.org released it’s value of a volunteer hour at $31.80/hour. Given this figure our local conservation group donated $70,882.20 worth of volunteer effort. Check out the table below to see where these hours came from…
Conservation, science and/or monitoring241
Communication & Engagement153
Youth Education250
BOD Operations/Management1030

As you can clearly see, we continue to pride ourselves on being an action, conservation organization. The fact is, we cannot do it without your support !

Thank You for all you do for the Coldwater Resources of Northeast Wisconsin !!

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