2023-24 Year-in-Review

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2023-24 Year-in-Review

We are very proud of the many ways we worked to Protect, Reconnect, Restore, and Sustain our coldwater fisheries in 2023-24 !!

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Dec 18: VSP Xmas Ornaments

On Monday, December 18th our area Veteran's tied some lovely flies and made them into some really impressive Christmas ornaments. Great job everyone !!

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Thank You Veterans !!

If you are a veteran, or a would like to help community veteran's learn about fly tying/fishing, consider coming out to our Veteran's Service Partnership.

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Nov 2: 2023-24 Guest Speaker #2

Ever wondered what are TU National's plan's for NE WI ? Wonder no more. Our November guest speakers, TU National's Chris Collier and Danielle Nelson, will help provide the answers !

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Oct 5: 2023-24 Guest Speaker #1

GBTU is kicking off our 2023-24 meeting season talking trout habitat management in NE WI trout streams with Guest Speaker Jonathan Pyatskowit.

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