2023-24 Meeting Schedule and More

The GBTU meeting season runs from September through April. We typically meet the first Thursday of each month (excluding days that fall on Packer games and a few other instances).

This year’s meeting information is as follows:

  • Location Village Grille; 801 Hoffman Rd, Green Bay, WI 54301 (Google Map).
  • Time – 5:30p the Board of Directors meets (this is open to membership). 7p is when our guest speaker begins.
  • Extras – With the exception of our budget drafting September meeting, most meetings feature free food, drinks, a knowledgeable guest speaker (when available), door-prizes, like-minded individuals and much more !

Below is the schedule…

  • Sept 7 – BOD to draft budget
  • Oct 5 – Propose BOD drafted budget to membership for passage / Potential guest speaker (TBD)
  • Nov 2 – BOD / Potential guest speaker (TBD)
  • Dec 7  – GBTU Holiday Party / Awards Dinner
  • Jan 4 – Potential for this meeting to be cancelled depending on what may, or may not, be on the agenda
  • Feb 1 – BOD / Guest speaker (TBD)
  • Mar 7 – BOD / Guest speaker (TBD)
  • Apr 4 – BOD / Annual / Guest speaker (TBD)

Please check out website and emails for any potential changes to the schedule.

We look forward to seeing you this season.

THANK YOU for everything you do for the coldwater resources of Northeast Wisconsin