GBTU Trout Educational Trail Complete !!

Green Bay Trout Unlimited (GBTU) is committed to conserving, protecting, restoring and connecting people with our cold-water fisheries and watersheds. GBTU concentrates on physical stream reclamation and restoration projects, public water access and educating others about our area’s natural resources.

With that said, our chapter covers Wisconsin’s Brown and Door counties. This area does not contain what most trout anglers would define as high-quality trout fishing. Therefore, sometimes we need to be creative in our efforts to spread the Trout Unlimited (TU) message and mission.

Welcome to our Trout Educational Trail (now called the GBTU Trout “Tails” Educational Trail) re-vamp.

We started this project in August 2020 and added the finishing touches in March 2024. The work involved removing old structures/signs (first installed by GBTU veterans in the early 1990’s) and replacing the old signage with newly updated versions. These new signs include an “industry-first” 25-year warranty and are made using an “anti-graffiti laminate” (they should be educating visitors for a long time). As part of the project, invasive buckthorn was also removed to improve angler access to Haller Creek (which runs along part of the trail). The educational trail begins at the parking lot across from the N.E.W. Zoo & Adventure Park. According to NEW Zoo Operations Manager, Barbara Basten, approximately 200,000 people visit this area annually. While trail visitor data on our Trout Educational Trail, Brown County does collect data on a trail approximately a quarter mile from ours. Numbers show that 11,828 hikers/cross-country skiers used the trail in 2023. According to these numbers the GBTU educational trail is exposed to, and likely enjoyed, by many.

GBTU has used the Trout Educational Trail for several habitat improvement projects and chapter picnics. We have helped the WI DNR stock trout here, providing an urban trout fishery near Green Bay. GBTU has multiple Trout-in-the-Classroom (TIC) programs being run by area schools. Over the past couple years, the WI DNR has let students release the trout raised in the programs into Haller Creek. Moving forward, the organization would like to continue what it’s doing, and perhaps add additional educational opportunities such as youth day camps.

Anyone interested in seeing the GBTU trail project is encouraged to take the short trip just north of Green Bay and check it out. The trail itself is approximately a quarter mile long. A huge “Thank You” to our donors (Schwabe Group, Cellcom, contributions through our annual fundraising banquet), GBTU Trout “Tails” Educational Trail Committee members (Dave, Ostanek, Randy Rake, John Deuchert, John Tilleman, Jose Diaz, Paul Kruse, Doug Seidl, Kim McCarthy, Adrian Meseberg, and the late Gary Stoychoff), Randy Rake (sign designs), Paul Kruse (work day organizer), GBTU members, supporters, partners, and everyone who saw the value in the project.

We are truly humble by all your support…THANK YOU !!

The documents below offer a detailed account of the GBTU Trout “Tails” Educational Trail Project (including sign images, colors used, costs, funding sources, and much more). They were used in a successful grant submission and shared with TU National, upon request, to use as an example for other TU Chapters on how to execute a project of this nature.

Check out GBTU Trout Trail Pictures through the years…including our revamp project, below:

Helping the DNR stock trout into Haller Creek

Urban youth trout fishing opportunities

GBTU Chapter picnics

Trout-in-the-Classroom (TIC) fish release into Haller Creek (2022)

Trout-in-the-Classroom (TIC) fish release into Haller Creek (2023)

GBTU work days 2014-15

GBTU work day 2020

GBTU work day 2022

GBTU work day 2023

GBTU work day 2024

Thank you for all you do for our coldwater resources !!