Aug 19 – Work Project #4 Summary & Pics

The following work day summary was provided by WI DNR Jonathan Pyatskowit:

The work day was a success.  We successfully brushed 3250’ of stream for fishability and improved flow.  In addition, stream side trail access was improved over much of the site as well. Future plans include scouting upstream near Walker Creek to see if that would be feasible for a workday next year. Very happy with the work that was accomplished and having a big crew means we can cover some ground.  Thanks again for working with us and we look forward to working with TU in the future.

Below is a list of the volunteers and DNR staff that made the work day a success:

  • Mike Schlumpf-Oconto River
  • Patrick Klatt-Oconto River
  • Devin Blom-Oconto River
  • Tom Klatt-Oconto River
  • Ted Schaff-Oconto River
  • Wayne Czypinski-Oconto River
  • Wally Heil-Green Bay
  • Jeff House-Green Bay
  • Adrian Meseberg-Green Bay
  • Matt Norem-Green Bay
  • Pat Hill-Green Bay
  • Peter Tillman-Green Bay
  • Ellen Tillman-Green Bay
  • Tyler Olson-Coleman Lake club
  • Jon Ostanek- Green Bay
  • Chad Neta-Green Bay
  • Jim Breza_Green Bay
  • Brent Ritter-DNR
  • Kyle Kossel-DNR
  • Jonathan Pyatskowit-DNR
  • Paul Kruse-Green Bay

Below are work day pictures:

Thank you for all you do for our coldwater resources !!